5 Ingredient Protein Smoothie

This recipe and video were created by Fitness Trainer and Fantastic Nutrition Ambassador  Josey Koke. This tasty, dreamy recipe is great for a professional or a busy stay-at-home mom. Collagen Fantastic and Chocolate Whey Fantastic products were used in this recipe! 


One of the many benefits of using Collagen is it’s ability to help reverse the physical signs of aging. There have been many studies showing that as we age our bodies natural Collagen levels decline. Consuming this Vital protein helps promote healthy aging by stimulating your cells. This Keto and Paleo-Friendly option is rich in Amino Acids and Peptides. 

Chocolate Whey Fantastic is a unique blend of grass-fed whey proteins meant for individuals who workout to build lean muscle as well as those who aim to manage their weight and live a healthy active lifestyle. 
All of our products have no added sugars, sweetness or fillers. Plus they are non-GMO and Soy Free. They mix great in coffee, water, smoothies, shakes in hot or cold beverages. 
Josey’s Recipe - Ingredients: 
2 Scoops Chocolate Whey Fantastic
1 Scoop Collagen Fantastic
8 oz. Almond milk 
1/2 Frozen Banana 
1 TBS PB Fit or peanut butter



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