4 Benefits of Using Collagen Fantastic

 Unfortunately,  as we age our body’s collagen levels start to decline. Bioactive Collagen Peptides have been shown in numerous research studies to help reverse the physical signs of aging. We suggest using our Collagen Fantastic, a Bioactive Type I and Type III New Zealand Grass Fed Bovine Collagen.

This vital protein can help our bodies with many things, here are the top 4 benefits of taking collagen peptides.

1. Improved Joint Health
According to aHealthline article published, a study on 73 athletes who consumed Collagen daily for 24 weeks reported a decrease in joint pain compared to a group that didn’t take Collagen. 


2. Encouraging Healthier Skin Nails and Hair 
According to a study referenced in The New York Times, participants receiving collagen reported decreased nail breakage and improved hair growth.
3. Enhancing Gut Health
Collagen has been shown to help improve gut health through its large amounts of two amino acids glycine and glutamine. Some research indicates collagen may help protect the intestinal tract and the stomach from leaky gut and other digestive disorders.
Collagen Fantastic mixes easily in water, coffee, smoothies, shakes and hot or cold beverages. 
Collagen Fantastic is a Keto and Paleo friendly  protein rich in Amino Acids and protein peptides with no added sugars, sweeteners or fillers. 

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