4 Ways to Stay Motivated During the Holidays

The Holiday season is upon us. This year it may be a little difficult to stay motivated with Covid19 and the business of the Holidays. We know that improving our health, can help fight against the virus and can help your overall mood during difficult times. Here are four ways to help stay motivated during the Holidays. 
1. Make a Set Plan to Workout 

Just like you would schedule your normal meetings or appointments, schedule your workouts in your calendar. Whether you are working out from home or a gym, this tactic will help you plan the rest of your day and help keep you on track.
2. Write Down Your Goals
According to Thrive Global, writing do your goals makes it easier to see so they feel more tangible. “Writing down your goals means you can visually see them because the goals feel tangible. When you commit to achieving your written goals daily, your life will transform.” 
3. Avoid the Sweets
It may be difficult to resist the sweets during the Holidays, but the blast of sugar to your system can add up over the weeks. Not only may you gain unwanted weight but, you will ultimately not feel very well.
4. Drink Your Protein

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